Day: September 1, 2016

Street Golf

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While setting up camp, I noticed two guys in the middle of the road putting golf balls around. I thought boy, these guys are avid! Later a group of four came around putting and laughing with lots of chatter in French. Then I saw them putt into a hole made from metal or plastic imbedded in the road, so we went over to see what was going on. They were really friendly, and one of the guys spoke English. They play golf every day, and there are serious tournaments. An 18-hole course winding through the streets of the campground, people came through all evening, most commenting to us in French. Little did I realize we had a prime spot overlooking the 11th hole! We talked with our friendly foursome for 15 minutes. One of the guys, Rene (?), is a retired auto mechanic teacher, who trained in Troy, Ohio and had traveled in the States. They wanted to know where we came from and why, and they admired our Airstream. We told them where we had been and that we would be Quebec three more months, which got some oos and aahs.  Rene said he was just up at Lac Saint Jean to get blueberries, saying he bought 15 pounds! His wife, Diane, makes blueberry pies, and Rene eats them three times a day. We let them go on with their game, and settled in for dinner at the picnic table.  Later we saw them walking across the open area. Diane was carrying a pie! I had some coffee cups made for special people, and I scrambled inside to find the last one. They wanted to look inside the Airstream and got a big kick out of it. After hugs and thank you’s, they headed home. After dinner we had a piece of wonderful, not-too-sweet blueberry pie. Four boys came out to play after their dinner. They were having a ball, waving to us as they went by. I wish I could understand what they were saying.

Zoo Sauvage de St-Félicien

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56℉ at 4:00 am and a high of 74

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Fred told us about a great Zoo near Saint Feliciene, this was our destination today, but first we stopped at a boulangerie, La Maison Gourmande,  to buy some bread. Of course we then bought some bruschetta and muffins. Then off to the zoo. I cannot capture the beauty of the miles and miles of farmland we see when driving. Fields of wheat, oats, barley, potatoes in full bloom, blueberries and canola go on forever. They are perfect fields, uninterrupted by rocks or dips. All are ready for harvest now. Stopping by a wheat field to take some pictures, I knew I was pushing my luck with Martha. We had passed an incredibly beautiful farm several times, and this time she suggested we stop and get some pictures. The barns and the buildings are so pretty and well-kept, I can only imagine the expense. Their fields stretch to the horizon, and a beautiful river wanders along it’s border. There are so many blueberry fields, it seems they could supply the world. The colors of the crops are wonderful when the sun hits them just right rival trees in the fall. Many of the fields have perfect lines of trees, perhaps serving as wind breaks.

The zoo is a great one, built in a beautiful setting along a river and countryside. Walkways lead you around viewing areas, telling you about the animals, the trees and plants. Then you can board a little train on wheels that takes you around the grounds. There are too many deer, but we also saw virtually everything that lives in Canada – Elk, Moose, black bears, Musk Ox, buffalo, geese and ducks. You would drive right through buildings representing they way frontier life was, and drive by farmer and trapper’s cabins. There is an indian settlement and a fort. It gives you a good feel for how it was in those days. 

Not far from the zoo is a fromegerie, Chez Perron,, one of the last family-owned fromageries in Quebec. The girl in the shop spoke some English, but translations were difficult. We ended up buying three cheeses which turned out to be excellent. Once there were about 2,000 family fromageries in Quebec, but commercial operations have closed most of them. 

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