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Laura and Willie


A very special thank you to these two amazing ladies. Friends of Gayle Wooten’s, they have taken such wonderful care of her in her time of need. Gayle’s incredible group of friends continue to support her in so many ways. A card, a note or a phone call mean so much. We spent a great day together while these ladies moved her to Symphony Manor, where they had selected the apartment to be warm and sunny. They painted it and measured it for Gayle’s furniture, and helped move her in. Meanwhile I had the easy job of taking her to the Baltimore Museum. to lunch and to Rawlings Botanic Gardens. Driving Laura’s Prius, I only got lost once. I Googled Baltimore Gardens and drove there to the south side of Baltimore, through some rough neighborhoods, to the Gayle’s continuous comments of, “Where are we going?” Well, Baltimore Gardens is a neighborhood……without any gardens. 

I am also amazed with Gayle’s positive spirit. While we can’t always understand what she is talking about, she can tell what we are talking about, and her quick, reflex responses are quite good and often humorous. She can still communicate with a look, and her infinite variety of facial expressions. She handled her move with some tears and fears, but then put on her positive face and gracefully toured the new facility, greeting all the new people. With a good sense of humor, a positive spirit and incredible friends, it’s a good life.

Thank you to these wonderful ladies and to all of Gayle’s friends who are so supportive.

3 Responses to “Laura and Willie”

  1. Willy Sydnor

    Greg has overstated what Laura and I did (such as painting her new place – we did choose the color) but none of this could have happened without Greg being her companion and comforter. Thanks Greg for these photos and thanks for sending some wonderfully cool Canadian weather to Baltimore!



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