Codroy Valley Bike Ride

Friday, July 19, 2019

Martha talked with Jason about a bike trail. He suggested a 14-mile loop through Codroy Valley. These are country roads, not a bike trail, but there isn’t a lot of traffic. It proved to be a beautiful ride, although it was 17 miles – not exactly challenging for my bike-riding friend, Steve Aquilino, but it was plenty tough for us.


We stopped at the Codroy River Nature Center and walked their trail. Visiting inside, the staff was very friendly and informative. It is sponsored by Ducks Unlimited.


We stopped halfway at a long, ocean beach. We chatted with a couple walking the beach. He grew up in Corner Brook, but they had never been to this area before. He suggested we buy fresh fish from a fishing company just up the road.

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Elvis Street

I thought I was going to cramp up as we got close to the campground. I could barely walk to the trailer to get two spoonfuls of mustard. Instantly it was all gone!

After a long shower, I talked with Mark from South Carolina with a big rig RV. He had been in Newfoundland for a month, and was pouring out information faster than I could remember. He found Newfoundlanders like their seafood fried. Sometimes the batter is too thick so there is a big space between the fish and batter. He suggested a French island, St. Pierre. They took the ferry across to Labrador and had their best meal of the trip.

We went to the seafood docks, but they didn’t have anything fresh. We bought two pounds of shelled and cooked lobster for $30/lb and a pound of scallops for $10.

At the top of the hill we stopped at the pretty Anglican Church in a gorgeous setting overlooking the ocean with mountains in the distance.


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