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Coronavirus Projects

9 Responses to “Coronavirus Projects”

  1. C K

    cannot resist :  “BOYS AND THEIR TOYS”  –

    but if it makes you happy – I am envious about your forthcoming trip to the west and look forward to your emails about it Please chat up locals – I am very interested in how the Real America feels about today’s crazy situation.


  2. pgevergreen

    Oh glory days, you are back. So good to hear from you. Learned about POR-15, and love the use of the word “punky” . Will become a part of the Jansen vocabulary. Looking forward to the coming posts.

    Happy for you and Martha (is she on board ?) have a great trip. Be well and be safe,


    • Greg

      Hello CEJ. If I had more time, I would head further west and come visit you and BT. Martha declined the trip. It’s tennis season, and she loves summer and tennis, so I am traveling on my own on this trip. A little solitude is good for the soul. Today’s project, though, is to stain the deck. All the best CEJ.


  3. donaldswheeleryahoocom

    It is great to have you back on the road. I am looking forward to reading your posts, seeing your pictures, and getting an idea of how the rest of America is coping with the Coronavirus.



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