North Beach Camp Resort

I rate this campground a 9.5. It is a large campground with @150 sites, but you don’t feel it. The sites are large. Especially the back-in sites, you don’t see or hear anything. There is a soft, friendly atmosphere walking the campground at night, with gentle conversations around campfires. The bathroom and laundry facilities are very good, and there is a very nice, heated pool. It has a beautiful beach on one side and the Tolomato River on the other. With two good restaurants on the east and west sides, who wants to cook? I especially like Kate’s. Publix Grocery is 10 minutes away. It is an easy 15-minute drive to St. Augustine. I could easily stay here a month.

Looking down the road, you would never know there is anyone here
Laundry and shower house

We had a great visit with Jane and Woody Baker at Anastasia State Park. They have been on the road for two or three months. They have had some great adventures, and have been a lot of places, yet minimizing their Covid risks. I was intrigued with their new electric bikes.

Jane’s picture from the Bridge of Lions while riding her bike

On our way out of town we went to Kyle’s Seafood, 3874 N Ponce De Leon Blvd, St. Augustine, FL 32084. I don’t know how Martha found this, but it is a winner. It’s a little place, but it was humming. One young man was cleaning salmon. I asked where they got the salmon, and he said the wild-caught came from Alaska while the farm-raised came from Canada. He said the farm-raised was sushi-grade and tasted better than the wild-caught. Another guy was cleaning trigger fish. Martha sked about those, and he said it is a sweet, mild fish, so we got 2 pounds of that. She asked if the shrimp was fresh, and he said everything was fresh. We bought shrimp to make shrimp and grits at our next location. I could have come here every day to find another treasure for dinner.

Trigger fish

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