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Dinner at Vilano Beach

From North Beach, we decided to go to dinner at Cap’s On The Water just north at Vilano Beach. Driving up, a sign said all parking was free valet parking. The parking area was a sandy yard between palm trees. Although we were early, the lot was rather full. They don’t take reservations, so we checked in and gave our name, then walked out back to the end of a pier and sat on a bench. Two waitresses were posted there to order drinks, a nice touch. I looked at the smiling lady next to me and asked what she was having. She said it was an excellent margarita. I ordered a manhattan, but Martha, Sandra and Ruff ordered margaritas. We all toasted, and to be neighborly, we toasted our new neighbors.

After a few minutes, I glanced over to see our new friend’s drink was half gone. I asked if it was a good one. “Oh yeah, but I have to be careful. Tequila makes my clothes fall off”. Well that broke the ice. Probably a reference to Joe Nichols’ country song, “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off”. Her husband rolled his eyes. They sold their house in Albuquerque, NM, bought a class A camper and have been traveling for a year and a half. They have gotten a hotel room and dinner out to celebrate her birthday.

Before long, we were talking like old friends, learning about the children, jobs and all kinds of stories. Cindy and Dennis were their names, and we were disappointed when a waitress came to say their table was ready. Not long after, we were called for dinner. Ruff must have enjoyed his drink because he paid for ours as well as his. By the time Ruff and I got to the dining area, we couldn’t find the girls. Shortly Dennis came up and said they had found a table for all of us.

Dinner was excellent, looking out over the Tolomato River and continuing our conversations. We enjoyed the bubbly Cindy with the huge smile and outgoing personality. Then she told us about her cancer, a rare form of cancer, but she was going to beat it, and had already been through chemotherapy. How could that be? We exchanged contact information as we paid our bills. I was sorry Ruff didn’t pick that one up too.

Outside we waved goodbye as the valet brought their car. We continued talking as we waited for our car. After a few minutes the young doorman pointed to a car with open doors and asked,”Isn’t that your car?” We reflected on an evening that will stay with us for a long time. I hope we cross paths with our new friends again.

North Beach, St. Augustine, Florida

Moving up to North Beach didn’t take long, and it was a pretty drive up the coast with the Inland Waterway to our west. We were in North Beach Camp Resort last year and we loved it. It’s a beautiful beach, a very nice campground with good facilities and a good staff and there are restaurants on either end. We met up with Ruff and Sandra, got settled and went to Aunt Kate’s on the Tolomato River for cocktails and dinner. We still rate Kate’s Key Lime pie as the best……well north of the Keys anyway.

Tolomato River

The next morning we walked on the beach for an hour, then went to the grocery store.

Big campsites surrounded by lots of vegetation
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