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Diego Arrives in St. John’s

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

We did laundry in the morning, then went to Bed Bath and Beyond to get a new sheet, bag clips, new drying towel. Then to airport to pick up Diego, who was coming from Mexico City to join us for a week. He had a long night and morning of travel to Toronto, then on to St. John’s. We drove into town looking for a place to eat. It was busy, and parking the big truck was a problem. Then it was hard to tell where we could and could not park. We found a good spot along the docks. It’s the first time I have seen where you pay with an app. Of course we didn’t have the app, so Martha called the listed number where you could pay. After pushing a list of buttons on the automated call, she was unable to list my license tag. I think it didn’t fit the Canadian profile. After several tries, we gave up and went to a parking garage with a 7’2 clearance. It was a little hard making the turns in the garage, but we made it.


As it started raining, we opted for The Fish Exchange in the garage, and it was excellent. It was a good place to spend time catching up with Diego. Our waitress has the greatest smile that just makes you happy. It was a great meal of mussels, salads and Turkey sandwich on pretzel roll and bread pudding with raspberry sauce. We didn’t need dinner. 


We walked around downtown a while, but couldn’t keep up with where the downtown tour went. A nice lady came up to help us, but she didn’t know where the tour went either. She was great at telling us about Signal Hill, which she walks “all the time”. She loves her city, and she was so nice, talking to us for about 10 minutes. Newfies are just plain nice and courteous. Step one foot onto the street and traffic stops so you can cross. I waved them past several times, but they won’t go, waiting for you instead. 

Back at camp we sat around the campfire and listened to more of Diego’s stories before sorting out his unpacking and going to bed. The couch was quite comfortable, although without a reading light. I figured out a way to put a paper cup over my little flashlight to dim it a bit. Then I could read just fine. Patton was being handcuffed by Eisenhower so Montgomery could lead the final charge into Germany.

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