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Move to Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

Sunday, October 8, 2017

I made buckwheat pancakes for breakfast. Love those things! We started to pack up to move to Pacific Rim National Park on the west coast of the island whenBrian was getting ready to walk the dog. He had all kinds of suggestions of places to go. I asked about a campground around Victoria, and he had a good suggestion for that as well. Soon Leslie came out in her PJ’s with a list she had made for us last night. Geez, what nice people! They teach at Brentwood College prep School in Mill Bay where students come from all over the world. They get 100% acceptance to college and 85% get their college of choice. Everyone has to be involved in academics, athletics and art. Some go to UVA, and rowing is a big sport. We enjoyed talking for almost an hour. I gave Brian my blog card as he left to walk the dog. He was quickly back as he read my last name was Wall. His is Carr, but he has a lot of relatives named Wall, some in northern Virginia. We’re going to have to do some research on this. We could be cousins!

I took a few pictures of our excellent campsite overlooking Strait of Georgia. Then we set out for Pacific Rim. I knew the road wound through the mountains and was an old logging road. It was fine until the last 20 miles when it got really bumpy and rough, but it was OK. Just had to go slowly. Stopping at the information center, Martha got some maps and brochures. A lady spoke to us as we were leaving. She was from the island, but moved to Ontario and was just returning. She also had suggestions of where to go and wished us well. We found our way to Green Point Campground and stopped at the gate. The ranger said a bear had been visiting the campground, so we should keep our site clean and to store all food. Fortunately there are no Grizzlies on the island.

The campsites are huge and very private in a dense forest on a bluff above beautiful Long Beach. Although a generous site, the entrance was a bit narrow, and I had to do a lot of finagling to wiggle the trailer through. Once set up, we walked down the trail to the beach. The tide was out, but the Pacific Ocean was crashing onto big rocks and to the wide, sand beach. We walked to a rock outcropping and climbed up to a beautiful view.

It was a perfect evening to sit by a fire, have a glass of wine or beer and watch the sun go down over the Pacific. Leftovers are nice for such an occasion. Just heat them over the fire.

Hike Cable Bay Trail and Nanaimo River Park

Friday, October 6, 2017

We hiked two pretty trails, the Cable Bay Trail and Nanaimo River Park Trail. The highlight was seeing four River Otters in Cable Bay. Martha went down to the point to get a closer look, and they popped up right in front of her, trying to figure what she was all about. Two eagles were yelling, unable to catch a fish. Maybe they were yelling at the otters, which are very good at catching fish.

The Nanaimo River Park would be a great place to bike. The river looks like it would be fun to canoe or kayak. Back at camp, Martha fixed a great dinner of ratatouille, pork chops and mushrooms.

Vancouver to Nanaimo, Vancouver Island

October 5, 2017

We have the hardest time getting on the same page when we travel and this day was no different. By the time we got in line for the ferry to Vancouver Island, Martha had a headache. The ferry is more like a ship than a ferry with great seating and views, food and shops. It was a perfect day to cross over beautiful waters to Vancouver Island. Blue skies, blue waters and blue mountains looming in the distance surrounded us. i couldn’t keep from walking from side to side to see one spectacular view to another. It was a great day for sailing, and sailboats seemed in a perfect environment.

Getting off at Nanaimo, we headed south to Living Forest Campground and RV Park. It is a big campground and full for the coming Thanksgiving weekend. We drove down to Bowen Park and walked the trail for a while. I was hoping to see salmon coming upstream, but there was very little water in the stream. It has been a dry season for Vancouver Island, like the rest of the northwest. Salmon, however, will wait for the rainy season to begin before heading upstream. As Dick Dudley said, you can set your calendar for October 13.

Then we went down to the boardwalk where people jogged, walked and played in the park. We talked to two photography enthusiasts who were taking a bear viewing trip up Campbell River tomorrow. Mmmm, would love to do that! Nanaimo has a beautiful harbor and harbor walk.