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Drive to Pistolet Bay Provincial Park, Burnt Cape Ecological Reserve

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Before leaving Port au Choix, we hiked Phillip’s Garden Trail, very pretty, along the coast, 9.0. We saw no whales or moose


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We came back, showered, Martha and I next to each other with a man going to the bathroom at the same time. Nice, big shower with hot to the right, cold to the left – just when you think you’ve seen it all.

Arriving at Pistolet Bay Provincial Park, we checked in with two lovely, young ladies. We settled in as mosquitoes surrounded us. It was a great view over a field with possibility of seeing a moose. 


We drove to Burnt Cape Ecological Reserve and walked around for an hour. A couple from Labrador stopped, turned off their truck to talk,  They recommending Onion Cove for whale watching. They were in Newfoundland so he could be treated for cancer.

Looking over at Labrador

Looking over at Labrador



Raleigh, NL

Dinner was pork tenderloin, rutabaga and a salad.


Drive to Seaside RV Park, Port au Choix

Monday, July 29, 2019

It was a three-hour drive along the beautiful west coast of Newfoundland. The only road north travels right on the coast much of the way. We stopped for lunch in a church parking lot. We arrived at the Seaside RV Park office as howling winds and heavy rain started. Several people parked behind the office, and one, big heavy-duty camper parked behind a shed. We asked the young lady in the office if we would be safe out front by the ocean, and she looked at us like we were crazy. This is Newfoundland where the winds blow and the wind-stunted Tuckamore trees grow.


Waiting for the rains to slow, we went grocery shopping, toured the town and had a very nice dinner at Anchor Cafe. Seafood chowder 9.0, seafood tacos 10.0, fish and chips 8.5. couldn’t eat it all. 


By the time we went to bed, the winds died down a bit, but still very blowy. Our wounded ceiling dripped water into a pot all night. Seaside RV Park is right on the ocean with a great view, interesting shower/bathroom that is unisex, good hookups 8.4.