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Drunken Computer

How will I ever catch up?! After a few days on the road to Florida, my computer got drunk and became completely worthless. It all started with good intentions as I poured a healthy glass of wine and opened the cabinet above the table to get A&K music player. Caution! Things may have moved during travel! A book tumbled out of the cabinet, spilling the wine all over everything, including the computer. In such a hurry, I threw paper towels on the table to soak it up. It was dripping on the floor and couch. What a mess! Thankfully, the computer was closed as I grabbed a dish towel and wiped it off. Maybe it would have been OK if I hadn’t turned it upside down and sideways while drying it. Then, of course, it was covered with sticky, red wine residue, so I wiped it with a damp cloth – bad idea.

After everything was in order, I opened the computer, but it wouldn’t come on. I plugged it in, but it wouldn’t take a charge. I pushed the on/off button repeatedly until it finally came on……..briefly, but then went off. Drunken fool! I suddenly remembered previous thoughts of backing up, but ignored them. My last backup was from home a week ago. That won’t do me any good for four more weeks of travel.

A quick search took me to The Apple Core in Sarasota, Florida, rated 4.7 by 181 people. I called and talked to a very friendly and reassuring Mylissa. Since we were traveling, she told I could drop it off, and they would send it to me once it was repaired. On our way to Manatee Springs State Park, I took it into The Apple Core. Mylissa was busy talking to a couple at a small table to the left. Nick Nmey was talking on the phone while two young children played on the steps behind the counter. After the phone call, Nick listened to my problem. He said I shouldn’t have forced it to turn back on, which just gave it more more chance to arc or short circuit. He said some chips would have to be replaced, maybe the board and maybe the computer, but he felt confident he could restore it. I gave him the go ahead, and he took it over to his desk and opened it up. He called me over to see the inside, where there were still little puddles of wine and a couple of areas where it arced.

It takes a great deal of trust to leave your computer in someone’s hands. I thought of all my passwords, all my financial information, all my notes and all my pictures. But this is what he does for a living, and he is very busy, and they have a 4.7 rating by 181 people. I left it and headed for Manatee Springs.

My main purpose for the trip to Florida was to see Lew Farber and have him put more solar panels on the Airstream. Heading down I95, we stopped at Smith’s Red and White at the Dortches exit for some sausage Kelly told us about. He said it is the best, and we were looking forward to it. We took three days to get to Naples, staying in Little PeeDee State Park, Mike Roess Gold Head Branch State Park in Keystone Heights and Collier Seminole State Park. Martha planned the trip, and we liked all of these parks.

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