Category: Mosca Pass Trail, Great Sand Dunes NP

Mosca Pass Trail

June 26, 2022

50 degrees at dawn with a high of 61, probable rain.

The Mosca Pass Trail is an out-and-back hike of 6.4 miles with moderate difficulty, rated 4.5. Since the elevation is already over 8,000’ and the hike gains 1,459’, we took it very slow with frequent stops to catch our breath. A sign at the bottom warned of mountain lion sightings. It is a perfect place for them with lots of cliffs and rock ledges on which to perch. I know attacks are rare, but I kept looking behind, and I carried a can of bear spray.

Mountain lion is my guess.

As described on “All Trails”, there were lots of birds and flowers. We stopped at two miles and turned around. It’s our first real hike, and we didn’t want to wear ourselves out. With misting rain and temperatures at 56 degrees, it was a perfect day for a hike. By the time we got to the bottom, the parking lot was getting full. 

After lunch, we cleaned the trailer and worked on the water lines. We disconnected the faucet lines, put a pot under the cold water line and turned it on. Happily, water flowed strongly. We did the same to the hot water line, and it too flowed strongly. Since I have shoved a wire into the hoses and the faucet, but can’t get it through, I think the on/off valve is stuck. I’ll get a new faucet in Moab tomorrow.

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