Greg Wall

I am a retired prosthodontist (a dental specialist), who spent 44 years working inside. Now I am happy to be on the road, outside, exploring new places, or revisiting old ones. I love traveling in the Airstream. My friend, Kelly, and I bought a 2005, 30′ Airstream Classic and took it fishing across Canada in 2013, It was a great adventure, and Kelly wrote a book about it, “If The Fish Are Bite’n”. It can be found on Amazon. We sold that one, but my wife, Martha, and I bought a 2014 25′ Flying Cloud in 2016. We have made many trips since then, and I have posted the stories on this blog. There are several reasons I do this. I want my friends and family to know where I am and what’s going on. I have friends who can’t travel for one reason or another, and I write for them. There are followers who I only know by name, who also can’t travel, so I write for them. There are others who want to go to these places and want to see what they are like. Lastly, I write for myself, so I will remember where we went, what we did, who we met and where we stayed. I might want to go again, or I might want to read about it all over again and look at the pictures. So please come along. We love knowing you are there. Give us a comment. Join the conversation, as if you were on the trip with us. Add to the history of the place. Tell us when we are wrong. Tell us a personal story about the place we are exploring. Thank you so much for coming along!

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