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King’s Point Pottery/Drive to Dildo Run Provincial Park

Sunday, August 4, 2019

About a 30-minute drive from George Huxter Memorial Park is King’s Point where the highest-rated craft store in Newfoundland can be found. King’s Point sits on beautiful Notre Dame Bay.

Kaitlan greeted us, and we were the only ones in the store on a Sunday morning. She said they had the busiest July in their 28 years of being in business. There is so much in this little store, the longer you stay, the more you notice. It’s hard to take it all in. Everything is made in Newfoundland by maybe 300 artists. There were paintings I loved, Labrodite jewelry and stones, knitted, wool socks, wood utensils, bowls and decorative things, lots of pottery, bowls and mugs. 

We had a nice running conversation with Kaitlan, who was maybe 22 years old. She suggested places to go and bits of Newfoundland history and what it’s like to live in King’s Point. We bought a cute moose mug, some partridgeberry jam and a hand-made card with a puffin on it. We drove through the little town, then headed back.

We packed up and got on the road east on TCH 1 (TransCanada Highway 1), then north toward Twillingate to Dildo Run Provincial Park. We pulled into a great site with a beautiful view of a bay with islands all through it. As soon as we got settled, the rains came. I put the awnings out and we sat out for a while until the mosquitoes got too hungry.

We talked to Diego, who will be joining us for a week in St. Johns. With thunder and lightening, the rains got harder. The roof didn’t leak 😊