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Going Home

November 2, 2016

We talked about our favorite parts of the trip were as we drove 83 to 695 to 70 west to Leesburg, then picking up 15 south to Culpeper and Orange. Rt. 15 from Culpeper through Orange and Keswick to Charlottesville is one of the top scenic drives in America. I love this road and have driven it many times, but after seeing so many beautiful places, it makes you appreciate it even more. 

Arriving back home was weird. It seemed strange to be unloading the trailer. Our little house seemed so elegant and big! We unloaded a lot of things, then put the Airstream in the parking lot. Tomorrow I will start cleaning, reorganizing and catching up on things. I’ll try to change some things to make the next trip more efficient. It will be a while before Martha will be ready to go again, but I can’t wait to get back out there!

A special thanks for so many gifts that worked so well:

The doormat Leslie gave us was perfect.

The woven basket Georgette made never moved and held all the essential little things.

Museum Putty works incredibly well to hold things like the basket in place. It never moved!

I’m going to wear out the blue Columbia shirt Pam gave me. It’s light, dries quickly, washes easily, and it looks good.

The Coleman thermos Amy gave me is just the best. It will keep tea hot all day.

We have used Tara’s bear bell and whistle so many times, and we have never been attacked!

The leather box Martha gave me holds the remotes and is tacked down with Museum Putty

Ben gave me an iPhone 6, and I don’t know how I would have managed without it. I had to learn how to manage my data as I almost ran out twice.

Kelly gave us a lighter I used every day and some decorative lights I just never had time to hang

The wine Glenda gave me was great and helped sooth the tensions of the day.

I know I have forgotten some things.

Things I’m glad I bought:

The air pump saves so much trouble. Love it!

The tire monitoring system gives great peace of mind.

The little music cube by Armor Mine bluetooth speaker,

The Executioner is an indispensable tool! Makes flies and mosquitoes fun to have inside.

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