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Guana Tolomato Matanzas National Estuarine Research Reserve

Just north of North Beach Camp Resort is a research reserve, so Martha and I drove up to take a look and go for a hike. We spent 45 minutes in the very nice Visitor’s Center with all kinds of fish hanging from the ceiling to make you feel like you were in the water. It also helps identify salt water fish of all kinds. It would be fun to take a boat tour through the reserve. Out on the dock behind the visitor’s center seagulls and pelicans gathered for a nap.

Driving across a dam on the Guana River, we went to the end and went for a walk. Rain was in the forecast, so we took our rain gear. There are a number of trails, but not knowing the area, we opted for the main trail, which started out as a sand road. It’s a very pretty area, and despite the weather, there were a number of other hikers. There are 15 miles of trails, and connects with a 7.7 mile loop in Guana River Wildlife Management Area.

Signage and trail markers are excellent
Tolomato River

About ¾ the way around, it started to rain. Then it came down really hard, but it was still a great walk

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