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Damnable Trail

We went from Parking to Net Point

After hiking a section of the trail in Salvage, Martha picked up a brochure on Damnable Trail. The main hike from Eastport to Salvage is one of the prettiest hikes in the world, and also is very difficult, which made us believe the use of Damnable Trail. However the brochure reads:

As far back as the 1800’s “Damn the Bell” (Damnable) has been etched in the vernacular iof the Eastport Peninsula. Whether it’s a pirate who accidentally hits a bell notifying the British of their hideout or a sailor trying to to navigate through treacherous shores. “Damnable” describes the perseverance of the people who live here – a resilient determination to face any obstacle with your head held high. Ranging from rugged and challenging coastal trails to leisurely strolls along beaches and through our communities, Damnable Trail, in the Road to the Beaches Region, has something for everyone!

We went from Parking to Net Point


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