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Fishing The Columbia River With Rod Zavaduk

4 Responses to “Fishing The Columbia River With Rod Zavaduk”

    • Greg

      Crazy isn’t it? Thank you for the heads up. If there are toxins in this part of the Columbia, we are all in huge trouble. Of course the other problem is water. With things so dry throughout the northwest, and the huge demands on the Columbia River, the river was down two feet. The US requested release from Canadian dams to provide more water. Hard to believe Canada would comply, but they did. We will fish the St. Mary’s River today, which is a special regulations stream, so I think you can’t keep fish.


  1. Bill Tilman

    Good job Kelly. You and Greg have a writting talent except he goes on and on. However it is all interresting and I read every word and feel as if I had been with him. Don’t make them shorter Greg. Going on and on is good!

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