Florida 30-A

Driving south, we crossed the Mid-Bay Bridge to drive highway 30A along the Florida panhandle coast. Martha had heard about a happening food truck place in Seaside called WaterColor. Rt.98 is the main highway traveling east-west on the panhandle, and it is a busy road. 30-A is the seaside road. I was amazed at the amount of development, and it all looked new. I had heard this coast described as the “Redneck Riviera”, but it is all upscale now. Gated communities line the land side, while fancy condos and beach houses line the beach side. It was almost 80 degrees, sunny and a perfect beach day. At a public beach area, cars took every parking spot. Everyone was at the beach.

We went into Grayson State Park to see what it is like. Another oasis in a sea of development, it is beautiful. The campground has only 60 sites, and they are nice. We took a quick look at the beach. When we drive by a state park, we like to check it out. We ask at the gate if we can take a quick look at the campground, and they gave us a 15-minute pass. The beach is beautiful, with white sand and the signature emerald-colored water. Most people were within 100 yards of the boardwalk over the dunes. As far as I could see in either direction was a clear beach. On the other side of the dunes and parking lot was a very large lagoon, where some were kayaking. This would be a great place to stay if you can get a reservation. You’d best book it a year in advance!

Grayton Beach State Park

On 30-A traffic was slow and bumper-to-bumper, especially when we got to Seaside and WaterColor. We turned into WaterColor and drove all around looking for a parking place. It is an upscale housing development that is new and very nice, although crowded by residents and visitors like us. Finally we found a spot. I wanted to see the seven Airstreams converted for food service. A very large grassy bowl provided a playground for lots of young people. On the perimeter is a wide brick walk lined with shops. People were everywhere, enjoying a beautiful day in a beautiful area across the street from a beautiful beach. There were lots of young people, walking, laughing, eating and riding bikes.

We bought a couple of hot dogs and a fruit smoothie and sat and watched the young people having a big day. Driving back out again in slow traffic with people and bikes crossing without looking. Back to 98 and across the bay bridge and back to camp. I immediately took a half hour nap. I find endless development depressing. I am always searching for ways to get away from it.

A bourbon and a warm fire in our comfortable campsite made me feel better. Martha made a nice salad with arctic char.

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