Looking for Rock Creek

Friday, March 12, 2021

Interested in floating Rock Creek in Eglin Air Force Base, we drove to the base and headed up a rutted, sand road. At first the surrounding land was dry, brushy land with a few trees. I thought I was in Africa, and expected to see a lion around the next turn. It was slow going on this rough road.

As we drove down a gentle slope, the landscape changed to a wetter environment and a forrest. The ruts turned into big holes that took up the whole road. They were filled with muddy water so we couldn’t determine the depth. One giant hole was pretty deep, going over the hubcaps. 

After about 30 minutes of this, Martha had enough. We were probably about half way to the stream. We turned around and headed back out. Martha filmed me going through one of the holes. Standing outside, she said it wan’t so threatening. A truck was coming toward us, so we pulled over to let them pass. It was two ladies, probably going for a swim on a hot day. Cracked me up! Here we were scared of getting stuck in a big hole! Fear of the unknown.

When we came back out, we turned left to the base guard house. There was parking for a “Visitor’s Center” – a little hut with a young man inside. Martha went up to ask if there was an easier way to get to the stream. He said there wasn’t, and that he went hunting up that road all the time, taking his Toyota Tacoma. Wimps! We’re wimps! 

But then we had no shuttle driver to pick us up at the end, wherever that was, and no Uber driver is coming up this road. Or would they? Surely some guy with a jeep would love this. No wonder we have seen so many jeeps in the area. It would be great fun to drive these roads in a jeep. Unfortunately the road is closed tomorrow.

We went back to camp, fixed lunch and read books on a sunny, warm day. We rarely do that on our trips, so it was a real luxury. I finished a very good book, Lucifer’s Banker, by Bradley Birkenfeld. It’s an excellent, true story about Birkenfeld’s journey in Swiss banking, numbered accounts and how he becomes a whistle-blower about thousands of people who hide their money to avoid taxes, launder money, and conceal illegal transactions. Big names, political figures, heads of state. It’s a crazy time we live in.

Martha discovered Willingham Seafood Company. It’s a small place, very well hidden, but excellent. We bought a couple of red snapper fillets and a pound of shrimp. 

We took a walk on the park’s other trail, Rocky Bayou Trail, then built a fire and grilled the shrimp over the fire along with an onion and green beans.

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