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On the Road at Last

I meant to get a picture of all our great neighbors in front of the Airstream before we left. Everyone came out to say goodbye at different times, but I had too many things on my mind, and it was so hot! August in Virginia is my least favorite month, and this one has been  really hot. What makes it worse is the high humidity. Anyway, we will just have to have a street party when we return. After a long morning of loading groceries and some odds and ends, we finally took off about 1:00, driving up Rt 29 north to Gordonsville, where we remembered to turn off the water pump. Then pressing on to Orange, when the tire monitor said our tires were low. I had already set these two days before, but took the truck to change the oil and they changed the tire pressure to 37, but we need full pressure of 44. Sheetz has a nice air compressor with good access with the trailer, so we took care of that. Just past Leesburg on Rt. 15, we got into a big rainstorm and could only go about 30 miles an hour. Thankfully it didn’t last all day. The farmland along there is beautiful. Then on to Codurus State Park outside Hanover, Pennsylvania. This is a nice park with a huge lake, but we got in about 5:15 and I was exhausted. I didn’t sleep much the night before and with all the preparation details, I was spent. A glass of wine and I felt better. Martha fixed a nice salad with grilled chicken. It was still hot, very hot, so we were glad to have air conditioning, and we were soon in bed. 


6 Responses to “On the Road at Last”

  1. Cheri

    Happy Trails to you, Greg and Martha. I am looking forward to your pictures and posts each day.



    Happy Trails to you, Greg and Martha. I look forward to seeing your pictures and posts each day. Have fun!


  3. LeRoy and Sissy Bruton

    Geting away, last minute stuff is always the hard part for us too. It takes a couple of days and lots of wine or in my case Vodka to settle down. You had a big first day.


  4. Pam Grobmyer

    LeRoy is right getting out of town is the hardest part. I have told you some of my terrible stories of trying to get away and packing with 3 kids and Chip not being a big help. But once you are on the road all is good! Hope your second day on the road was a good one. Safe travels!


    • Greg

      It’s calming down now that we are settled in for a few days. Going for a sunset cruise of 1000 Islands this evening and you can bring your wine and food :-}



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