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Parks in Quebec

Parks in Quebec

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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Waking up with no power and no water after last night’s storm, we had just enough water for two cups of coffee. The storm brought a cool front in and it was a delightful morning, but first to find a bathroom. With no power, the campground locked all the bathrooms. Well this was interesting as there are a lot of campers! After some driving around and a visit to the office, we remembered the remote campsites which have “rustic” bathrooms. Now on to the rest of the day:} First we visited the Nature Center, but it wasn’t much. They do have WIFI though, so I will return tomorrow morning. Hopefully I can pick it up outside before it opens. Then we took an easy hike to Lac de Femmes. We returned for lunch and both had a good nap. 

A nice group with kayaks had told us of an easy float on the Riviere de la Diable. The name had been throwing me off, but it did look quite beautiful. The guys assured Martha that it was an easy 50 minute float, and she might see some wildlife. I put her on the river with a two-way radio at 2:00 and headed to the office to see about fishing licenses. People were line up out the door, so I decided to see what I could do online…..if I could ever get online. There was a path to the river behind the office, so I wandered down it, passing a group of adventurers headed for the cliff walk. They sell a lot of different adventures, kayaking, hiking and climbing, but this rock face climb is pretty popular. As I walked and explored along this beautiful, black water river, I got a pretty good view of the rock face. Geez, are those little colored dots people? Sure enough I got some pictures of people with their toes on narrow ledges! 

Martha had a great trip down the river. There were lots of others doing the same thing, so she felt very safe and could enjoy the ride. It took her a little over an hour on this beautiful 76 degree day. She said it was a beautiful float, with good current to carry you along, but no rapids. We came back to camp, showered and had a glass of wine before dinner, having to put a sweater on by dinner time. After a little difficulty at the start, Martha said it didn’t get any better than this.

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