Wellesley Island State Park

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Martha wants this one!

Martha wants this one!

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A little statue with a sign that says, "Welcome to serenity"

A little statue with a sign that says, “Welcome to serenity”

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It’s nice to have bikes to explore a campground and that’s what we did this morning. It is a nice park with everything you can think of – marina, boat launch, great playgrounds, beach, store and a nature center. While Martha fixed a nice salad for lunch, I inflated the tires with a pump I bought for the trip. Tires were such an issue on our previous trip, I am trying to cover all the bases and do the right things. I still need to alter the hitch now that we have it fully loaded. We are putting too much pressure on the back tires of the truck. After lunch I worked on the blog while Martha read a book. 

At 4:00 we went into Clayton, having to cross that bridge again, but this time Martha drove and was totally unconcerned. Clayton is a cute little town on the St. Lawrence. We were scheduled for a sunset cruise on the Clayton Islands Cruise at 6:30, but Martha wanted to go to the library to get WIFI and pay bills. Unfortunately the library was closed so we went to a little restaurant, sat at the bar and had a beer and appetizers. Matt was sitting next to us and we struck up a conversation. After much discussion, it turns out he lived in Ft. Mill, South Carolina where our friends Karen and Nathan live! 

The cruise was nice, although it doesn’t threaten the top 10. There are very cool houses on islands and along the shoreline that are very cool. It always amazes me when you travel any shoreline, how many people have such boats and vacation houses. You would have to ice skate to these most of the year! I liked the one shaped like a steamboat the best while Martha liked the one that looked like an Italian villa – not doubt a nice one! We saw an osprey, an eagle, a loon, lots of cormorants and a blue heron. The sunset was gorgeous, so all-in-all a good trip.

Tomorrow we must get some groceries, do some laundry and pay bills because Friday we cross the border and go to Mont-Tremblant National Park for a week.

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