Airstream Time

Exploring North America in an Airstream

Chocolaterie des Peres

6 Responses to “Chocolaterie des Peres”

  1. Kelly Sutton

    I would be more than happy to help Ed but it just took me 10 minutes to find the blogsite again and I had to backtrack through your post to it. How I was able to post a comment is anybody’s guess – I am not even sure this will post. I think you need to contact WordPress and ask them to post something to help out those who want to follow and comment.


    • Greg

      Well, you posted just fine. I will see what I can figure out in the morning. Right now it’s sit by the fire time!


  2. LeRoy and Sissy Bruton

    Boy, that is pretty water.
    I am so bored that I brushed my teeth for the full three minutes this morning. Never done that before.
    Never had time. Thinking about brushing them another three minutes. Is there such a thing as over brushing. Don’t answer that. You are on vacation.
    Glad you were able to pull enough shekels together to buy Martha a meal she didn’t have to prepare or clean up. Living with someone who routinely starts their days at 4 AM is tough duty requiring high praise.


    • Greg

      FINALLY you brushed for the full three minutes! Had to put you in the hospital to get it done! It is quite unlikely you are going to overbrush.

      Well, I try to be quiet and not wake Martha early in the morning, but that’s tough in a 25′ trailer. Thankfully, she tolerates it well. It is usually starting to get light by now (5:13), but it’s still dark. Maybe I should give you a call and see how your wheels are!


  3. LeRoy and Sissy Bruton

    Best you let that question be the mystery for the day, AND EVERY DAY FOR THAT MATTER. It is sub human to arise at that time of day.



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