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Haircut and a Great Waterfall

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39℉ at 6:00, a rainy morning, 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

It rained hard all morning, so we read our books and made cranberry muffins from the Trappist Monks. By 11:00 we were stir-crazy and the rain was letting up, so we drove east to Rimouski so Martha could get a haircut. The ladies at the Accquiel suggested the best place to go. Fortunately they were able to take her in after a short wait. I went to a nearby oeufs place hoping for WIFI and an expresso. I got a nice expresso, but no WIFI. When Martha was done, her nice stylist, Suzie, recommended Maison du Spaghetti for lunch, so we went. I ordered pasta with meatballs and mushrooms and Martha ordered Lasagna with goat cheese and sun dried tomatoes. Both were outstanding, and they had WIFI. 

I had seen a waterfall writeup in the Gaspèsie travel book, so we decided to go there. We found the accquiel and a nice girl gave us the description and a map. There was a fee of $13 each, and as they are privately run, they don’t take a park pass. We were surprised by the amount of work and expense someone went to. With walkways all along the Rimouski River, it is quite beautiful. Then you get to the highest suspension foot-bridge in Quebec at 63 meters. This thing is so well-made, I could probably drive my truck across it. 

This is a beautiful river and a beautiful canyon that is well-managed. You can come at night to see lights on the waterfall. All of the walkways are lit. It is called Le Canyon des Portes de L’Enfer, Canyon to the gates of Hell, which it surely would be if you decided to take your kayak down it. There may be more waterfalls than cities named after saints in Quebec, but this is a great one.

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