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Rain, Rain, Rain

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In the middle of the night I thought I was back in Banff for the 2013 flooding. It rained hard all night and continued all day with the winds picking up in the middle of the day to 45 km/hr. We took the opportunity to relax a bit, do some laundry and go to the Visitor’s Center for some computer work, and we signed up for two more nights.  By mid-day Martha was getting a bit grumpy, so we went into Alma where she had a pint of beer, soup and a sandwich.  There is one gas station in Alma and it has one pump, but it was empty. We have a quarter tank of gas, which should hold us for a couple of days, and then we have been carrying a 5-gallon can in the toolbox. 

We drove down to Point Wolfe, stopping several times to get a quick picture in the rain. There was a beautiful covered bridge over a great-looking trout stream, and we walked just far enough to get an overlook of a bay with the tide out. Other cars were driving around like us, but a few were parked with no one in them, so they were obviously hiking in the rain and wind. 

We headed back to camp and looked at pictures of the trip, trying to remember all the places we have been. I noticed a lot of the pictures came up a bit dark on the slide show. Do you find them that way on the blog?? I know a lot depends on individual computer screens.

For the fifth time, I fixed the cabinet door under the sink that keeps getting jiggled loose. We have travelled some rough highways though. On Ed’s suggestion, we have been taping these doors, but it still bounced loose. Oh well, I am getting pretty quick with it. One of the screws on Martha’s kayak handle even came undone, so I put that back in. 

The rains stopped by about 7:00 pm, but the winds decided to get even stronger. I worried about a tree coming down in the night, but thankfully nothing happened. The weather forecast for the next five days is good, clear, in the 50’s with very little wind:} We have been so lucky with the weather the whole trip!

4 Responses to “Rain, Rain, Rain”

  1. LeRoy and Sissy Bruton

    The pictures are coming through beautiful and clear on my Apple Mac.. You are just the perfectionist you have always been. Lighten up . Nobody is paying you.
    I’m afraid you are over working, putting in a screw here and taping doors shut there. My oh my what a load? Martha is grumpy because you get up before the chickens and will only let her go for food occasionally. Weather here is gorgeous, trees starting to turn, no humidity and mild temps. Warmer than yours. When do we get to see Nova Scotia? I always spell occasionally wrong. Can never remember whether its one c or 2 c,s or one s or 2 s’s. Thank goodness for the lap top dictionary.
    I’m fearful of messing up for the world to see on you blog.


    • Greg

      You’ll be happy to know I took Miss Martha out last night, and probably for the next couple of nights. We’ll have to walk some long trails to catch up! Don’t worry about messing up any spelling LeRoy. There are only six of us reading this! :-}


    • Greg

      That is the prettiest covered bridge we have seen with a beautiful river flowing into the the Bay of Fundy. Tough to beat that!



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