Acadia National Park Loop Drive

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

After lunch it was cloudy, a little breezy and felt cool although it was 57 degrees. We decided to first drive through Northeast Harbor. The road along Northeast Harbor is so pretty! We stopped several times to take pictures on this little, narrow road. The iconic tree lives here. You see graphics of it on T-shirts and other things. We stopped at the harbor for a few more pictures and then walked through the little town. An expresso and a cookie helped recharge us. We drove the neighborhoods looking at incredible houses right on the water. We also drove by Asticou Gardens. We didn’t go in because we have been there before and we didn’t have enough time to go back, but it is a beautiful garden!

We found our way to the Park Loop Drive. I’ve run out of words to describe the beauty of leaves now in their peak, beautiful bays and rocky coasts. It was raining off and on. Fog covered the mountaintops, but there were holes where the sun shone through, lighting up the colorful trees. I love shooting pictures in the fog. It silhouettes trees and pops them to the foreground. Martha has been very patient letting me stop and take pictures, but I can tell when it’s time to get on with it. 

We took about an hour and 15 minutes to drive the loop. You could take all day if you hike or picnic. We passed a photography group at work. I can’t wait to bike the trails tomorrow!

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  1. Mark Zablotsky
    October 19, 2016 at 1:46 pm

    Hey Greg, I just got back yesterday from New Hampshire, and my group went on to Acadia… Can’t believe I could have run into you guys, if I had stayed around with the group!!! I had to get back home to work, but almost did the Acadia extension. Wish I had now that I know you are there. Hope you have a great remainder of your visit there and the rest of your trip.
    Take care and regards to Martha…

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