Stony Man Hike, Shenandoah National Park

November 8, 2016

Martha and I decided to take a hike in the park, so we drove up through Sperryville, which is a beautiful drive. Once on the parkway, we chose The Stony Man hike as it was pretty short and easy with a good view. We went down to Skyland Lodge and walked around. The place was busy. Leaves were past peak, but it was the middle of the week. We saw two backpacks from through hikers who had left them on the trail while going down to the lodge for a good meal, and maybe to restock their supplies. 

Driving back along the parkway, cars were stopped along the road. It was a “bear jam”! All across Canada and no bears, but here we are back in Virginia and we find a bear. 

On the way home, I started thinking about doing more. The weather forecast was perfect with temperatures in the 60’s and 70’s. Martha had had enough of me, so it might be best to get out of her hair for a while. I thought about the Great Smokies National Park along the Tennessee and North Carolina border. I thought about taking the Airstream and doing day hikes, but all the campgrounds were closed, so I thought about hiking the Appalachian Trail. It is 70 miles through the park, and they say most people walk about 10 miles a day on the trail. Shoot, who can’t walk 10 miles a day?

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