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Exploring North America in an Airstream

Driving Across America on I-70 and I-80

5 Responses to “Driving Across America on I-70 and I-80”

  1. Bill Tilman

    Greg, You write and explain your trip with the abilities of an experienced writer. It is a pleasure to follow you. Our RV sits in the driveway as Glenna’s back has finally decided it wants to be fixed. Dr. Shaffrey will be doing the operation. There are two and I don’t remember which one is doing it, but they say the one doing it is the best. Hope so. She has three nerve canals that need reaming and repositioning of the vertebra. Sounds like its going to be an all day operation. The only way you get to see him is if he sees your xrays first. He took her right in. Now we just wait for an opening which he is working on.
    Once she is back up and around we’ll be back on the road. Nam Reunion is this fall at Disney. Hope she will be ready for that. Had Lunch with Bino and Jim yesterday and they seem to be fine, I treated them to Glenmore and they ate well! I have been generally ostricized by many and there’s nothing I can do about that but they have at least kept in touch. I hope you and Martha will come out to Lake Monticello for a boat ride and dinner sometime. No you can’t drive!!!!!!!!! Oh, Went to see Dunkirk tonight at the new theater over by Wegman’s. Its’ different. The electric reclinners are very comfortable and the food is delivered to you while you watch the movie. Even Alcohol. Brings a whole new meaning to a movie. Dinner, Movie and a Drunk. Be Safe!


    • Greg

      Hello Billy, I hope the surgery goes well for Glenna. Dr. Shaffrey is supposed to be the best. We will have to get together when we get back. Meanwhile, have a great summer!


  2. Jane-Ashley Skinner

    I would love to be able to time travel to see the world hundreds of years ago before mankind messed up so many beautiful places.
    We were in Oregon last summer and stayed in on the Rogue River in Grants Pass at the Weasku Inn. I wish I could remember the place where we had dinner twice. There’s not much around there and it was quite good. We left there and went to stay in a wonderful five-star resort on the Rogue called Tu Tu Tun Lodge near Gold Beach and then drove up the coast to Depoe Bay and stayed at Whale Cove Inn–another great spot and then continued up the coast to the Stephanie Inn at Cannon Beach. If you want to have dinner with a view, try Whale Cove. The food in Oregon with the exception of Portland reminds me of the food scene in the Outer Banks in the 70’s–very basic with a lot of fried food. Prettiest part of Oregon is the Umpqua River. I hope you get to see it. It’s one of the prettiest rivers we’ve ever seen. Great hiking trails off of it. Enter at Tioga Bridge. Nice place for lunch is Steamboat Inn not too far from the bridge. We were supposed to stay at Crater Lake facility, but when we got there there was mouse poop on the bed. We bailed and ended up driving back to Grants Pass. I loved the Columbia River Gorge and all the waterfalls, but my favorite part of Oregon was the Umpqua River. The Oregon coast is very pretty, but after Big Sur, though quite beautiful, it didn’t impress me as much as I thought it would. Enjoy!


    • Greg

      That’s some good information Jane-Ashley. Gold Beach has been recommended by several people, and the Umpqua River is a great suggestion. When Martha comes out in September, we will do more exploring. While I can, I am going to try to focus on fishing, but today might be a sight-seeing day. There is a pretty loop I want to drive. Thanks for the great input Jane-Ashley!



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