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Fish Spring Creek and Visit Klamath National Wildlife Refuge

4 Responses to “Fish Spring Creek and Visit Klamath National Wildlife Refuge”

  1. Bill Tilman

    Boy Scouts seems by your words to be just like the stuff we did before Boy Scouts. We left because it was boring. We did all that at Dukes Lake. Lucky we survived.


  2. phoenix85253

    Greg, reading your comment about the 700 year old treet reminds me of being in the Giant Redwoods in Northern CA. There is a giant redwood there that you can actually drive your car through its base. While we were there I went into the bathroom and someone had written on the wall “this tree was here before Jesus was born” . Amazing and true! Enjoy your travels, we are currently in Chautauqua NY and planning to go to Niagra-On-The-Lake.


    • Greg

      So good to hear from you Ed! I agree. The age and size of those redwoods really makes you think. Love to hear about the talks you heard this week. Have fun at Niagara.



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