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Oregon Dunes and Florence

4 Responses to “Oregon Dunes and Florence”

  1. Bill Tilman

    I guess pulling the camper puts alot of stress on the truck. Tough as it is all it takes is one little thing to pop or drop and the truck limps. When you get back I would take it to the dealer and tell them all the problems you had and want another trock at no charge. It just ruined your vacation so much that Martha went home by air. Hey Might work!


    • Greg

      This truck is built to do much tougher jobs than pulling an Airstream. However, it is fairly low to the ground and on one of my gravel road expeditions, something must have grabbed it. There is so much technology on it, there is more stuff to go wrong. We’re back in order now.


  2. Mark Zablotsky

    Are you coming down to Northern California?? Will you come visit Sacramento??? Spare bedroom waiting for you guys!!! If you’re working your way down the coast there’s a Air museum close to where you are. We missed it for our trailer trip in May, but heard it is amazing. Let me know, as I’m mostly home for the next couple months (got a couple weekend trips, but otherwise chilling). All the best,


    • Greg

      Hi Mark. I’m in Vancouver to pick up Kelly. Then we are fishing in BC for 3 weeks. Then Martha comes out to meet me in Boise, and I am going wherever she says. I did send her the special rates at Tenaya Lodge in Yosemite, but we will probably visit Idaho, Washington, and I know she wants to spend some time in Vancouver. I would love to spend some time on Vancouver Island, but it’s all up to her. If we get anywhere close to you, we will definitely give you a call. Can’t believe you aren’t going anywhere for the next couple of months!
      All the best,



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