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Fishing The Bitterroot River with David Hufman

3 Responses to “Fishing The Bitterroot River with David Hufman”

  1. phoenix85253

    Greg and Kelly, looks like you had a great day. I don’t know much about fishing but I love Lewis and Clarke and you are on their trail. Think about what they experienced in the Bitterroots, all that they had ever seen or knew anything about when they left VA was the Blue Ridge. If it hadn’t been for the Native Americans they never would have made it. Beautiful country enjoy it I am envious, we’re supposed to be there next summer.


  2. Kelly Sutton

    Greg, The Bitterroot was the perfect ending to another great trip; a trip that encompassed the reliving of our first adventure four years ago and the reacquainting with many of the friends we made then-the addition of our new adventures in Montana was an absolute bonus. Many thanks to you for allowing me to join you for a few weeks and to Martha for sharing her bed! I would write another book except for the fact that I now know how hard it is. Again, thanks to you both and safe travels.


  3. Greg

    Kelly, it was indeed a great trip. Thanks so much for joining me for another great adventure. I hope you and Rhonda enjoy your travels through the southwest, and I look forward to our next adventure.



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