Fish Creek

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September 8, 2017

Fish Creek is 30 minutes west from River’s Edge Campground. This time there was no fly shop, no restaurant, but plenty of people fish it. The stream was low and very clear, but with many deep pools. We could not find a fly the fish wanted. Was it fished out? Had someone fished ahead of us? Were they feeding on something we didn’t have? Finally we found a big pool where we could see them feeding. Still they weren’t interested in what we had. I went to the end of the pool to see what washed down. Tiny, little dead, black bugs floated downstream. Kelly put on a black ant and that did the trick, catching some nice cutthroats.

As we walked toward another pool, I stopped in my tracks as caught a glimpse of something big in the bushes. A moose looked back at me in similar surprise. There was a small, but perfect moose bog where she was happily eating.

Driving to what we thought was the top of the stream, it split into two branches. The stream became too small, so we headed back down the long, dusty road.

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