Alberton to Boise

September 10, 2017

Rhonda and Martha were flying into Boise on the evening of the 12th. Then Kelly and Rhonda would be heading south to Moab, while Martha and I would head back north and west. Everything we had was covered in dust. Our trip with David couldn’t be topped, so we decided to leave the fishing on that great note. We had a great three weeks of fishing, but now we needed to do some serious cleaning.

Setting the truck GPS for Boise, we turned the radio to listen to news. We weren’t paying enough attention to where we were going until we saw a sign for Spokane. It is no doubt the simplest way to go on major highways, but not the way we wanted to go. We cut over to 12, 95 and 55. It was definitely the longer route, but it is a beautiful drive with such variety of terrain. It follows the beautiful Salmon River for a long time, then the Little Salmon River and the Payette River. Incredible, beautiful waters. The Payette is Olympic-calibre kayak water. Ron Lowry would later tell us about running a raft on it and turning it over.

Finally arriving at Mountain View RV Resort, we spent the next day and a half washing, cleaning, doing laundry, and rearranging for our next adventure. Kelly rented a car and got a hotel room. By the time we picked up the girls at the airport, we were really tired, and so were the girls after a long day of travel. We had a nice dinner exchanging stories before going our separate ways and getting a good night’s sleep.

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