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5 Responses to “Boise”

  1. LeRoy and Sissy Bruton

    Well you are in familiar territory. You do know that the Cavaliers will be in Boise Friday night to play on the famous Blue Field. Boise State University is neat as is all of Boise. That river trail is one of the nicest I’ve ever seen. There used to be a movie house there called the Egyptian Theatre which was really authentic Egyptian, Sphinx’s and all.
    We have done the Middle Fork of the Salmon float through the Frank Church Wilderness. No roads in but horse trails and small landing strips galore. All the operators are first class. They have to be to get a license to run the river. You are in for a treat. Each day a Johns boat packs up all the tents and gear and take it to the next port of call and you are all set up for the next overnight by the time you get there with supper being cooked.
    Most fellow river runners will be there for the white water and scenery. Be sure to tellll the guide you want to be able to fish and they will put you in your own boat, separate from the riff raff. Cut throats is what are there, with an occassional rainbows.
    All the Middle Fork trips originate in /stanley, unless thingshave changed. Stanley is a really need place and frequetly the coldest place in the U.S in the winter. Nice drive into Stanley from the south. Never entered from McCall. You can drive through the Bitter Root Mountainins to Sun Valley , Idaho. Ketchum is the larger town next to sun Valley which I always remember thinking should have been named, “Gotcha”.
    What a trip you are having. We are so envious and enjoying everything vicariously.


  2. Greg

    Well Good Lordy LeRoy! I thought you had gone on to the promised land, not having heard from you for so long. I have thought of you so much through these travels. You and Sissy have taken some amazing trips, Middle Fork of the Salmon among them. I am really looking forward to that. Meanwhile there are some adventures left on this trip as we head north through Idaho, then make our way to Vancouver and Vancouver Island. Any tips you have for Vancouver Island would be welcome. I am so glad you and Sissy are along for the ride. Gives me new inspiration. All the best to both of you!


    • LeRoy and Sissy Bruton

      Bouchard gardens is certainly worth seeing. Both of you nature lovers will love it. There is a fantastic museum on Victoria Island that is a must see. I can’t remember it’s name but it is focused on the early tribes of the North with lots of totem poles and talking figures in the scenes. Very interesting.
      We did not spend much time in Vancouver as it was a little hard for a small town guy to manage, but Victoria island was very neat. Fairies everywhere between these islands. You can catch a ferry back to Seattle or for moe adventure you could go up to Whistler which is a bout a days leisurely drive. Great mountain resort. Skying and biking paradise. Lovely village with top drawer restaurants. of couse, I know you prefer to grill out side so that would not be of interest but it wouldn’t hurt you to have mercy on Martha.
      Sissy is going to assisted living at Morningside to escape demands of living at home. She struggles for breath and energy to get through every day. Quality of life certainly leaves a lot to be desired. Me, I had a recent undiagnosed five day stay in the hospital followed by 8 days in Health South. I got weak and couldn’t stand. Lost my capacities to sort things out for a couple of days but am back to normal, I think, but still not walking. That is enough negative stuff, Gerandson Nolan is quaterbacking the 7th and 8th grade team at St Annes and is doing well . I’m loving watching him play and develop.


  3. Greg

    I am glad you are better LeRoy. Please give my best to Sissy. I know it’s tough. Thanks for the tips about Vancouver Island. We will definitely find the museum you speak of. I know you are having a great time watching Nolan. Maybe we can catch a game together when we get back.



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