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Exploring North America in an Airstream

McCall, Idaho and Ponderosa State Park

2 Responses to “McCall, Idaho and Ponderosa State Park”

  1. phoenix85253

    Greg, I thought about interesting and kind people whom you have talked about meeting during your travels. The barber that cut your hair, the nice older man with the Excella whom you helped hookup, the pilot car driver who was so helpful. One of the things that I enjoy most about the RV’ing lifestyle are the kind and interesting people whom you meet. Glad to hear that Martha is now with you! I recieved my birthday card from you yesterday, it was fantastic! Thank you! I liked it so much that today I ordered a box of identical cards. We leave two weeks from today headed west and I am excited to get back on the road. Safe travels!


  2. Greg

    Hi Ed,
    There are so many parts to the travel equation, and the people are certainly a huge part. My sister, Gayle, said on our trip across Canada they were like Angels sent to guide us and keep us out of trouble. Sometimes I think it’s true, but I have learned to listen carefully when they talk and tell me where to go and what to do.
    Don’t you love those Airstream cards? I need to order some more too. Just across from our campground is where Lewis and Clarke camped before heading down the Snake River. I thought of you when we went to the visitor’s center and watched a movie about their crossings of Idaho.
    Keep the shiny side up,



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