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October 1, 2017

Poor Martha. I just had to go see the fish hatchery in Issaguah. It’s October and the salmon should be running. Sure enough, these big fish were frantically trying to get over the dam or up the fish ladder. They open and close them at different times, harvest the eggs, then return them to the stream. Issaguah is a cute little town on the edge of Seattle.

We had a great visit with our friends, Becky and Dick Dudley in their beautiful home on Mercer Island. They are from one of our favorite places, Abingdon, Virginia. Becky was a hygienist who worked with us back in the late 70’s. It was great spending time with them and their family. Becky brought out some old pictures. One was of Martha holding Mac when he was a baby. We took a picture of Martha holding Mac’s baby, Bronson, who is just 10 days old. It was so cool to see Mac and Si and their families. Mac is a lawyer and Si is an orthodontist who just opened a new office in Issaguah. Becky and Dick fixed a great dinner of Salmon, mixed vegetables, spinach balls, potatoes, and a wonderful fruit pie. We so enjoyed old memories and new. Thank you so much Becky and Dick, for being such great friends. I hope we can get together again in the not so distant future.

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