Airstream Time

Exploring North America in an Airstream

Kearnie, Nebraska to Columbia, Missouri

6 Responses to “Kearnie, Nebraska to Columbia, Missouri”

  1. Sara Oneilly

    Please don’t go home yet! You must have missed a bit !!! Love reading your blog and seeing all your pictures. How long have you been away from home, is it 5 months?


  2. sara oneilly

    You should put up a map on your blog with your route taken marked in red, so we can all see how far you have driven, this is amazing


    • Greg

      I have been on the road for 4 months, leaving the 5th of July, and I could certainly keep going. I love traveling with the Airstream. I love exploring new places and meeting nice people. Hopefully, we can get back out in February, and maybe go to Florida. Martha wants to stay closer to home next summer. We’ll see how the cookie crumbles. Cheers for coming along for the ride Sarah!


  3. Jane-Ashley Skinner

    Here is another book I think you would enjoy. Great read. The story takes place in Missouri.


  4. Greg

    Thanks for another great recommendation. I just ordered it. Now if I can just catch up enough to sit down and read!



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