Woody Point

Thursday afternoon, July 25, 2019

After hiking to Baker’s Brook Falls, we showered and packed up to move to Lomond Campground on the south side of Bonne Bay. Once we got set up in a nice campsite, we decided to go searching for a laundromat. A Google search was not good. The closest was in Corner Brook, two and a half hours away. We drove north along Bonne Bay through several little towns, stopping at a nice cabin rental facility with a laundromat, but it was not public. A couple of ladies told Martha of one in Woody Point, just up the road.

Turning right at a stop sign, we drove into Woody Point to find the Granite Coffee House and Laundry. They had two washers and two dryers next to a cafe with breakfast specials – perfect! We would return in the morning. Meanwhile, we checked out the little town. It has everything you need, with a liquor store and grocery, several restaurants and a big fishing business. there was a cute, little lighthouse and some very nice houses with well-kept yards. 


Granite Coffee House

There was a regatta this weekend with lots of things going on. We bought a hotdog from a man cooking them on the street for children’s charity. Bonne Harbor has some of the prettiest water on the planet, similar to the Saguenay River that flows into the St. Lawrence.


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