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L’Anse au Meadows


Wednesday afternoon, July 31, 2019

After lunch, we moved the trailer to work on our persistent leak. Backing the truck up close, I can climb up on the truck tool box, then up the canoe rack and get on the roof. I removed all the duct tape and redid that area with RV sealing tape that Martha brought. Surely that would fix it.

Then we drove to L’Anse au Meadows where Leif Erikson landed and spent a winter. It is a UNESCO site and has a great visitor’s center. There is a very cool rebuilding of the village. This is all the way at the top of Newfoundland in a beautiful meadow with a shallow, protected cove. The Vikings had written about sailing the Labrador coast, describing its long, sandy beaches and endless forests.

Back at camp we showered, built a nice fire in the solo stove, had dinner and watched a cooking show on DVD.

Cape Onion/L’anse Au Meadows

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

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The couple that stopped to talk at Burnt Cape Ecological Reserve yesterday, told us to go to Onion Cove, up past a cemetery. It’s a good place to spot whales. We drove up there to find one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. There were no whales, but we did see two moose, and the scenery is special. Green meadows cover mountains that meet the sea as hanging cliffs. Below is a protected cove where hundreds of ducks frolicked, and seagulls cried. Whales frequent this coast, and moose come to graze. Oh, and if you think you might be able to see or hear after death, what a place this would be to be buried.