Airstream Time

Exploring North America in an Airstream

Nova Scotia

4 Responses to “Nova Scotia”

  1. pgevergreen

    Place again looks so interesting. Be safe, I’m in on the bet. It’s gonna turn out to sea. Martha what’s for desert?

    Thanks for the report. I’m in SF at the ADA/FDI. Meets old friends , Prosthodontists from Chur Switzerland. Peter Schaerer trained. So talented, you ever see Dr Schaerer?


    • Greg

      Good morning PG. We lost. Please send money 😊 I did hear Dr. Schaerer once. Very impressive. Have a great time, and give me the stories.


  2. Randy Rinehart

    Greg, Glad you guys are safe. So far the trip sounds like it has been terrific. We are signed up for a caravan to Nova Scotia in July of 2020. It is the same one Eddie & Ro were on in 2015.
    We leave for a five week trip to New England on the 19th, this is on our own. When do you guys plan to be home? Keep having a wonderful trip. Randy


    • Greg

      Hey Randy,
      I know you will totally enjoy Nova Scotia! It is a wonderful and beautiful province. We are pondering now whether to go to PEI, or whether the storm knocked out campgrounds and power (we know it knocked out a lot of power). We are exploring our options at the moment, but I will let you know when we think we will bet back. My best Xan.



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