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One Day in Bangor

12 Responses to “One Day in Bangor”

  1. pgevergreen

    Wow!! You’re like a energizer bunny, you just keep going. Sounds like the folks there took very good care of you. 2.5 out of what. 3? 5? I always feel the best place is wear you are in the time of need. Greg you bring out the best in people, they want to be around you. You’re very special and somehow they felt it and the whole team raised their game. AND you didn’t even have to tell them you were a prosthodontist!!

    I was wondering where you were, be safe. Why not have Martha get a Lyme test to? Thanks for the up date.


    • Greg

      You are the best PG Evergreen, and you are right again. The best place is where you are in the time of need. I like that! Great suggestion to get Martha tested too! All the best to you and BT.


  2. Ellen Kelly

    Oh my goodness Greg! I’m so glad you’re ok and that you received excellent care. Dan and I would love to see and Martha when you get home. I love reading your stories. Travel safe. Hope to see you soon. Ellen


  3. LeRoy A. Bruton

    Sounds like you waited too long. Luck was with you. Sounds like you should park the Airstream and fly home. Be smart.

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