The Loneliest Road, Capital Reef National Park: The Fremont River Trail and Capital Gorge Trail.

Exploring “The Scenic Drive”, I walked through Fruita where Mormons settled and farmed. Of course Native Americans had been coming here for thousands of years. The Fremont River gives it wonderful, cold, clear water. Bighorn sheep have thrived here, and deer just walk around the park. I wandered through the orchard next to the campground, but found nothing on the trees.

I found a trail that follows the river and decided to follow it. It soon begins climbing the cliff, lending some beautiful views. Hearing some footsteps, I turned around to see a lady running up the trail. I moved over and said “Good morning”. She replied and continued running, bouncing off her toes. Soon I heard more steps, and another lady followed. I thought they were friends, but when the first lady passed me running back down, she said it was her daughter.

I finally reached the top finding a great view. It’s a nice trail, and I was proud to have completed my first hike since January when I got plantar fasciitis. Very content with myself walking back down, I saw the first lady running back up! She said, “What the heck? It’s been a tough year and running helps me release the stress.” Her daughter was coming slowly behind. I wanted to ask if the problems were personal or national, or both.

Back down, I continued on The Scenic Drive to the end. There was a parking lot that was pretty full. The sign said there was a one-mile, one way hike, called The Capital Gorge. Well, what the heck, anyone can walk 2 miles! There was lots of writing on the walls by the ancient ones and travelers ever since, although it is forbidden now.

I would have been OK had I not decided to climb up the “Water Tanks” trail. It doesn’t go far, but I am out of shape and it was VERY hot. I’m sure I had long-since wiped off all the suntan lotion. By the time I got back to the car, I was spent and grabbed some water from the big cooler in the back of the truck. A man and his daughter were reading the sign. I commented that it is the heat of the day, and did they need water? He replied they weren’t going to do it, and that they had water. I opened the back of the truck, pulled the slide out and got water out of the big cooler. He said he really liked the box. I looked at his very nice Silverado behind me, and told him what a nice truck it was. As they headed to his truck, his pretty daughter held him by the arm. He could barely walk. Maybe MS? Suddenly, I felt pitiful for complaining about a little plantar fasciitis.

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  1. cowpattymt
    July 9, 2020 at 11:19 pm

    Your pictures are outstanding

    • July 9, 2020 at 11:45 pm

      Thank you Patty, and thank you for coming along.

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