Following The Salmon River

Thursday, July 16, 2020

45 degrees this morning, 92 in the afternoon

I enjoyed a drive down Rt. 75, taking pictures along the way. It is one of the prettiest roads I have ever driven, following the Salmon River downstream. I will let the pictures do the talking. 

I stopped at one spot to do some fishing. It was a great spot, and I knew there were plenty of fish there. i just couldn’t get anything to rise, and I tried everything under water to no avail. I walked above the rapid, where the river pushes up against a big, rock wall. A drift boat methodically fished the wall. it was a guide and a fisherman, so I knew this must be a good spot. The guide said the caught a few on some fly I had never heard of. 

The longer I stood there, the more I appreciated the complexity of the currents and eddies. As I edged up against the wall, I saw hundreds of stonefly skeletons plastering the wall. I had also kicked up lots of grasshoppers, so before we launch into the Frank Church Wilderness, I need to get to a fly shop and get some stoneflies and grasshoppers.

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