Drive From Casper, Wyoming to Hall County Park in Grand Island, Nebraska

Friday, July 24, 2020

I left the gravel, Casper KOA at 9:00, late for me, got on I25 south, later turning east on Rt. 26 for Fort Laramie and zig-zagged to I80. I have heard people complain about Nebraska being a boring drive, but I think it is very pretty with the beautiful Platte River, the Oregon Trail, huge fields of corn, hay and other crops. Like Saskatchewan, trains are big here, hauling huge amounts of grain. I think I passed a mile-long train with two engines that must have been a hundred years old. 

Pronghorn antelope advertising for KOA

At times I have found I80 to be a peaceful drive, but today it was pretty busy with lots of trucks. I am a great admirer of truck drivers, and have no problem sneaking behind one doing my usual speed. 70 mph is probably more than I should do with the trailer, but the speed limit is 75, and many of the trucks were easily doing that and more. They are always polite about moving to the left lane when I enter the highway. I blink the emergency lights twice in thanks. 

I wanted to get to Lincoln, Nebraska, but since I got a late start, I checked for campgrounds around Grand Island during a lunch break. Back on the road, I called and talked to a nice campground host at Hall County Park. He said they didn’t take reservations, but there were only four there last night out of 20 spots, so it shouldn’t be a problem. As I drove, I wondered why a campground rated 4.3 by 60 people wasn’t full. It was hot, very hot. They probably don’t have electric, so I’m going to die in the heat.

I was tired when I turned off toward Hall County Park Camping after 533 miles, but I stopped for gas. My card was first declined, but when I went inside, it was approved. As I started backing out, I got a text asking if three charges were right. A $500 charge at a Pilot was definitely not me, and I replied so. I’ve already had one card reissued on this trip, and they will likely reissue this one. Thankfully, I have one more and $80 in cash. Maybe I should get more cash tomorrow. 

I pulled into Hall County Park not knowing what to expect. It is rated a 4.3, so it must be OK. Still at 7:30 at night, an error here would make for a very trying day. It was 90 degrees and humid. I don’t need any hookups, except when it’s hot like this and need air conditioning. 

The office was closed, so I drove slowly forward on what could have been a bike road. People were walking, jogging and skateboarding as I drove slowly by. I didn’t even know if I was driving on a real road. It was beautifully manicured with green grass, flowers and playing fields. Thankfully I came to a sign that said campground. There were very nicely spaced concrete pads. Sometimes I drive around, checking out the sites before I choose one, but at this time of day, I took the first available – #9, and backed in. There was an electric box at the back of the site 😀

Hall County Park

I wanted to walk around, but I was too tired, so I fixed a drink and texted Martha. Before the text got there, she called me, concerned if I was in camp yet. She said it had been very hot in Virginia, and a friend invited her and others for a swim in her pool. 

With the air conditioner on, I made a salad. In no time it turned dark as I wrote this up. I hope I sleep well. Might not get out till 9 tomorrow. If you are on this route, this is a great spot!

  2 comments for “Drive From Casper, Wyoming to Hall County Park in Grand Island, Nebraska

  1. Ron Lowry
    August 2, 2020 at 9:40 pm

    Did you remember that Grand Island is where Gregg Peterson lived and practiced. We still love Nebraska.

    • August 3, 2020 at 3:48 am

      I didn’t remember it was Grand Island where he lived, but I think of him every time I am in Nebraska. I thought of his stories of duck hunting on the Platte River.

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