Gully Creek Trail

Thursday, August 6, 2020

We went fishing at the golf course pond in the morning with no luck again, but the kids enjoy it. I am totally surprised at how Melissa likes it. She casts well and shows a lot of patience.

The top-rated hike in the area is Gully Creek at Cumberland Knob in NC, just across the border from Cool Breeze Campground. It is a beautiful trail, crossing Gulley Creek many times on the way downstream. Melissa slipped on a rock, banging her leg a bit. I have learned through many years of trout fishing that it is safer to walk in the water. Those rocks can be slippery, and the only way to learn that is by doing what Melissa did.

It’s a big walk down the mountain, which means it’s a big walk back up. There were some complaints, but they loved the hike. I passed the picnic area, thinking we parked at Cumberland Knob and had to walk back down. Well, I needed the extra exercise.

We went back to camp, had lunch and rested for a while. Josh and I were heading out to play a few holes of golf when we were stopped. It turns out the golf course is not part of the campground, but belongs to the next door RV Resort, where lots sell for $125,000 and up. It is quite nice, well landscaped and most have something like a pool house and a patio. Anyway, our campground people are not allowed to play. Josh was disappointed, as he was really into it, and quite good.

At 4:00, we headed to Mark and Sue Ann’s for some fishing before dinner. Unfortunately, a storm came over, bringing a heavy rain. Going into their “cabin”, we got the house tour. For years they rented it out, but now they have mad it their home. Passing by the kitchen, Sue Ann had laid out a beautiful dinner. She has been to culinary school in New York, and it showed. It’s a wonderful house, just the right size and a beautiful site on a very nice stream.

Sheridan put on a movie for Josh and Melissa on the big screen, and they were quite happy. It had turned chilly with the rain, and Melissa went into a closet and wrapped herself in a blanket, snuggling up on the couch, watching the movie.

Mark and I traded Lyme Disease stories, doctors and medications. He was hit hard with it, but has recovered well. It makes you think a lot when you are out hiking. We have been good about checking each other after our hikes. After some wine and beer, we had a wonderful dinner of spaghetti, meat balls, salad and bread. Oh yeah, and then came the ice cream parfait with a cookie in it. She knows how to make children smile!

Then the cards came out. “Who wants to play Uno Attack?”, Sue Ann asked. “I do”, “I do!” the kids cried. They play a lot of Uno at home, but this version comes with an automatic dealer that shoots penalty cards at you – sometimes a card or two, or not at all, or six of them, bring great laughter.

Somewhere along the line, Mark told us about all the unique trees on the property, and the woodpile he was going to burn until it became a bird nesting spot. The kids took their places for another movie with Sheridan.

I declared it was getting late and we should go. I should have checked to see when the movie would be over. My second mistake was telling Melissa she needed to leave the blanket here. Sue Ann said to take it, or bring it back tomorrow, but I made her give it up. She gave me the look again, not speaking to me again that night. I made sure she was wrapped in two blankets when she got into bed.

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