Edisto Island State Park

Thursday, February 18, 2021

It was raining early, with a prediction for rain all day. Actually I was happy with a rainy day to catch up on some reading. But then I discovered we were out of Verizon data. I tried to log into the website, but my challenge question stopped me – name a favorite place. I tried everything until they locked me out. Finally I just did it on the phone.

The rain stopped, so. we went for a walk on the beach. Fog drifted off the ocean making a cool atmosphere. Walking south, the ocean was trying to take a new housing area, while the humans built up the sand to try to hold it back.

After returning, we drove north to King’s Farm and Market. It’s a small place, but very well-done with lots of good things despite being winter. there were lots of fresh tomatoes, jams, pickled everything and lots of frozen and fresh dishes. There were chicken pot pies, lasagna and several different seafood casseroles. We bought a crab and shrimp casserole. 

In late afternoon we drove toward Charleston to meet our friend, Betsy Davis at Angel Oak Restaurant on John’s Island. Betsy is a prosthodontist who taught at Ohio State while we were there. She went from there to take an implant fellowship and then a maxillofacial fellowship before settling at the Medical University of South Carolina. We were anxious to catch up her stories.

The restaurant didn’t look like much. Inside were tables with brown paper as a table cloth. We were quickly into catching up with Betsy, so we didn’t even look at the menu for 30 minutes, but the staff was very accommodating. 

Finally, I settled on fried oyster appetizer, which Betsy and I split, and wild-caught salmon on cedar plank and grilled brusell sprouts. Delish! Martha ordered ravioli stuffed with crab and a cream sauce that she also liked. 

It was a great visit with Betsy in a comfortable, quaint setting with excellent service and food. Betsy has accomplished so much. She has quite a story. What she does with children who have had cancer is amazing, but she also does incredible work with Amelogenesis Imperfecta and Ectodermal Displasia. She gave one of the best talks ever at the Boucher Prosthodontic Conference years ago. It’s always a little difficult driving back in the dark in a strange place, but fortunately the predicted heavy rains didn’t come – just a light mist.

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