Skidaway State Park

Saturday, February 20, 2021

I thought I would just fix the problem of not being able to connect to my iPhone hotspot. I could connect to Martha’s phone, but not mine. Trying all kinds of things, I must have deleted the wrong .phst file, so my email didn’t work. 30 minutes later that was solved.

Martha and I took a walk on the Sandpiper Loop Trail. It was muddy from all the rains. Posts with numbers on them pointed out features described on the trail map. One unexpected was a Civil War earthwork. I would later learn this is near a constricted part of the Skidaway River leading to Savannah, so cannon batteries were set up here. Savannah was a hub for 8 railroads as well as being an important shipping harbor.

I heard a strange-sounding bird, so I stopped to look in a nearby tree, but I soon realized it was on the ground. I never saw it in the tall marsh grass, but a sign soon described the rail, or clapper rail, a strange marsh bird without webbed feet that happens to be good eating.

Lots of people were walking the trail, despite the mud puddles. We saw several runners and several hikers with day packs.

Sandra and Ruff have friends (Jim and Judy Holland) who live here and invited us for dinner at their house. Jim and Ruff did the periodontics residency at MCV together in 1976. Jim grew up in Savannah and knows the area well. He is also a history buff, and well-read on the Civil War. He took Ruff and I on a tour of the city.

Martha and I had taken a carriage tour a few years ago, and had explored the city on foot, but Jim proved to be an outstanding guide. This is a city of parks – beautiful parks, and the architecture is lovely. I am not a city person, but this one is quite pretty. Of course there are tourists everywhere, especially along the waterfront. Jim seemed to know every building, who lived there and a story about each one. 

The girls had gone shopping, returning with bags from the Byrd’s Famous Cookies. They were very excited. We sat in the living room overlooking the marsh and listened to Jim’s descriptions of the Civil War. 

Judy made the most amazing shrimp and artichoke casserole along with asparagus. It was a very enjoyable evening with good conversations. They obviously had a great residency experience with many stories. 

Our chief navigator had 3 martinis, so we got lost several times on the way home 😊

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