The Oliver Travel Trailer Showroom in Hohenwald, Tennessee

We went to Oliver Travel Trailers in Hohenwald, Tennessee, just up the road from the campground. We had seen one at our last campground and liked it. After watching a video online, we decided to take a look. We missed the factory tour, which takes three hours, and all the sales people were busy, so we took our own tour around the showroom.

I think they took some of the features of Airstream and Casita and improved on them. Then I think they fell short on a couple of things. It is a well-designed fiberglass double-wall construction, and they use great insulation techniques, declaring it an all-weather camper. I like the 23’6” Oliver II with two axles and 16” tires. The inside is nicely done, and I like the design with twin beds and a cozy, little dinette for two. I also like the welded aluminum basket on the front to carry things, like a big cooler, and I like the frame design.

They have a very nice slide-out drawer housing up to four batteries. With two solar panels on top, or an easy connection for portable solar, your stay would be extended when you don’t have power connections. 

Full awnings on both sides and a direct plug for external solar

Storage is certainly adequate, and I like their latches for drawers and cabinets. It has a big front closet. I like the 2-burner stovetop, and the refrigerator is adequate. Love the slide-down shade with a slide up translucent shade.


I would like a little larger and longer bed, and I would like more and larger windows, although I do like their double-pane windows. Another foot in length and width would be nice. I also wonder how you would get to the wiring to fix something. Certainly there is a way. For short or medium trips, I think it is a great, quality trailer with some great features. For longer trips, I like our Airstream, and I love all the windows in the Airstream, although they are chilly when the weather is chilly.

Would I trade my Airstream on one? Nope, but I did go and take a look.

Back at Fall Hollow Campground, a guy in diesel truck pulled into our site behind the trailer and talked with camp host for 30 minutes. We were sitting next to the window and could hear everything. I’ll spare you the details. That’s a first!

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