New Orleans Walking Food Tour

Thursday, May 5, 2022

We are on a Photography/Cultural Tour of New Orleans with After a great swamp boat tour this morning, we were scheduled for a walking tour of New Orleans. We grabbed a quick lunch before getting to the tour, so I had this delicious smothered chicken and rice dish that I didn’t quite have time to finish.

We got to the tour inside a restaurant with eight other people seated at tables with white linens and settings. Our guide told us he was going to take us to eight places to sample signature dishes of New Orleans! Soon a lovely, dark bean and pork stew was delivered as we sat staring and smiling at each other. We had no idea!

Between restaurants, we would walk a few blocks, so we got to see some places we hadn’t seen before, and one we had just been in the day before – The Pepper Palace!

We had visited yesterday. Every hot thing imaginable!
Cool place making brass gas lights
Every kind of praline
Passing shops with decorative costumes
Decorative beads of Mardi Gras
Love these open air restaurants
Love the porches and iron works
All kinds of Po’Boys, a sandwich on crusty French Bread
Thankfully, small samples of a usually large sandwich
St Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square

It was a fun tour. If we just hadn’t eaten lunch before we started 😊

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