Lexington, Kentucky to Columbia, Missouri

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Kentucky Horse Park Campground

Heading west on I64, it was an hour to Louisville, where traffic was rather frantic. It seems to be the case in most big cities, but it makes pulling a trailer nerve-wracking. That said, downtown Louisville is very pretty, and the Ohio River had great color.

Once we crossed the river, we were in Indiana, crossing the bottom of the state. Traffic was still busy, but we stopped at the only rest stop in Indiana – on 64 anyway. Then into Indiana, where there were beautiful farmlands. So we started in Virginia and have traveled across West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois and then Missouri. 

Crossing the great Mississippi into Missouri, I64 merges with I70 at Wentzville just west of St. Louis. We passed Lake of the Ozarks, and my old stomping grounds at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. So many memories, education and fun in one year! Still dating, Martha and I would meet in St. Louis and have a big time in the big city.

We finally arrived at Cedar Creek Campground, just east of Columbia, Mo. It was a dusty road going in. This is mostly a travel campground, where we could still hear the interstate traffic. It was 95 degrees and hot, but I was having a problem. The galley faucet only dribbled water. The bathroom faucet worked fine. The toiled flushed fine. It was only 3:30, so I dove into the project. 

First I removed the strainer on the faucet, which was full of little, brown stuff, but that didn’t fix it. On Martha’s suggestion, I removed the under-the-sink water filter and bypassed it. Still only a dribble of water. removing the filter, I was surprised to see seeds! Mice could only cause this problem. Were they in the trailer? 

I had recently had a new fresh water tank installed at Airstream of Virginia. How could this be? Thinking back, I had bought the water tank from the Mother Ship, the Airstream home in Jackson, Ohio. I was surprised to find it unboxed and dirty, but apparently, that is the way they ship them. Thinking I would do the job, I had it sitting out at the RV storage lot for maybe six weeks before I contracted Airstream of Virginia to do the work. With holes in the tank for connections, Mice would have loved their new food storage place. 

Disconnecting lines, I think I have narrowed it down to the relatively short faucet lines. I took the faucet off, but couldn’t see how to disconnect the lines from the Moen faucet. It was getting late and it could take a couple more hours to sort this out, so I put it all back together and poured a glass of wine. 

The next morning I did some searching on the internet for directions. I got some ideas, but couldn’t really see how to disconnect the water lines where they go up into the faucet. I think I will disconnect the lines under the sink, then remove the faucet with the lines attached and see if I can blow them out or flush with water.

  2 comments for “Lexington, Kentucky to Columbia, Missouri

  1. June 26, 2022 at 7:08 am

    Greg, reading your blog about traveling along route 50 makes me miss my AS. I love the part about the man that helped you with propane and would only take $10, that was one of the most enjoyable parts of traveling for me; the interesting and good people that you meet along the way. When I told Roberta about your waterline and propane problems she told me that I should tell you to join Airstream Addicts, Airstream Addicts (FB Group) has 70,000 + Airstreamers ready to offer help and advice. Hearing you mention Wentzville brought back memories, we bought our Airstream at Bill Thomas RV in Wentzville, nice Airstream dealership. SaFe travels we’re Airstreamless but love traveling vicariously with you and Martha!

    • June 26, 2022 at 7:32 am

      Dear Airstreamless in C’ville,
      I’m so glad to have you along with us Ed, and so glad you are commenting. You have so much experience in your many travels. Unfortunately I don’t participate on Facebook any more, but thank Roberta for the advice. I was able to fix the propane problem. It was leaking around the connections at the tank. Happy to solve one problem 😊

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